Monday, 17 September 2012

Tasmania Day 9

Ross, Campbelltown and Bicheno

Today we packed up Miss Bridget attached her to the back of the Prado and waved goodbye to Launceston. We were heading for the east coast.

First stop Ross.

Ross is a lovely little town with tree lined streets.  It was settled in 1812 and many of it’s buildings are constructed of sandstone and are heritage listed.

The main street of Ross

The Ross Bridge is the third oldest bridge in Australia, and has such lovely carvings that it won the two convict stonemason’s who built it a pardon.

The Ross bridge

I must admit I stood and looked at the bridge and wondered how would they have made it, with none of the technology that we possess.

The Ross bakery is a great little spot for lunch or morning / afternoon tea and Ross had some great Antique and second hand shops. Also it houses a wool museum, which also has a display explaining about the bridge ‘s construction and about some of the prominent locals that featured in the history of the area. Also we discovered a great little shop selling all sorts of timber bit’s and pieces……more souvenirs ……..

Next stop Campbell town  ( yep we went down then came back up) we  only had a short stop at Campbelltown, unfortunately as it has several old buildings and two historic bridges, however we did have a look at a few shops and noticed that on the pavement their was a line of  bricks with names imprinted, on them. After a little investigation we discovered that the bricks list every convict that was transported to Australia and Norfolk Island.

After Campbelltown we headed off towards Bicheno.

The dream team Bridget and the prado

Bicheno is a lovely town on the east coast of Tasmania, fortunately we arrived on a nice sunny day.  We plan to base ourselves here for the next few days and explore the east coast.

A panorama of the Bicheno Gulch

The blowhole

The coastline off Bicheno

Lot’s of exploring yet to do and a lot left to see

The Knights

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