Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tasmania - day 15 - 16

Day 15    
Greeted us with rain, rain and more rain, I mean we can’t complain really the weather down here has been pretty good, overcast at times, a bit chilly  but still we have been able to see what we want to see. Today the plan was to hook Bridget up, do a speedboat cruise around the Tasman peninsula and to head into Hobart.

After a bit of a discussion we decided that it was probably best to give the speed boat cruise a miss, as we felt visibility would be low, so we packed up slowly and headed into Hobart.  We arrived at the Caravan Park and set up, I must take a picture of the van site, it is one of the most interesting sites I have ever seen, but I am not complaining we have our own ensuite…….it’s sooooo nice having our own shower and toilet.  After setting up we set off first stop the Cadbury factory….Hmmm not a great idea when it’s lunch time and your hungry. We were given a good explanation of the the process of chocolate making….. did you know that the average Australian eats just over 11 kilo’s in a year. The country that eats the most chocolate is?……Ireland.  It’s a shame that they no longer do the tour but we did get to enter the chocolate shop, we did a little shopping (half a basket or so) then headed into their café for the best hot chocolate I have ever had… was amazing it was a triple chocolate hot chocolate.

Sorry no pictures…. my camera is not keen on the rain.

We then did a little retail therapy then headed back to the van for a bit of a rest, which considering the pace we have been setting was much needed.

Day 16

The rain has stopped….yipee. But sadly we had to take Miss M (well I should say that dad took miss M) back to the airport it was time for her to fly back home.  We spent our day at the Salamanca Markets, now Marc is not the keenest Market shopper but he did pretty well as we wandered slowly through the markets, I really enjoyed it and bought some really lovely pieces.  Marc had fun at the Bruny island cheese shop and we walked away with a lot of cheese….. and a new cheese board.

The fresh fruit and vegetable stalls

The fresh flowers

The markets are huge this is only a small amount of  the stalls

After lunch we bought the last few pieces we wanted and headed back to the car this time bound for Richmond.

On the way to Richmond, we came across the wicked chees company and you guessed it we bought more cheese…..we now have lot’s and lot’s of cheese. Oh and I picked up some Huon Pine off cuts, that are the perfect size for a mug coaster….they smell divine I love the smell, I just need to make sure that Marc doesn’t use them as a fire starter.

Richmond is a really pretty little historic town that reminded me a lot of Morpeth to be honest, I really liked it, but then I have always loved Morpeth.

                                                                   A Richmond street

The Richmond bridge

This gorgeous bridge was built in 1825 and is the oldest known Australian arched sandstone bridge

So whilst I am typing this up Marc is doing his favourite activity watching the footy

Anyway finally I am caught up

So I can kick back and relax, eat some cheese or maybe some chocolate and force myself to try some more Tasmanian wine.

Catch you later

The Knights

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