Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tasmania - day 10

Today we spent a lot of time in the car initially we headed south as we went to Swansea for a look


We had a quick peep around and then head back north our aim was Frecynet national park. On the way back we stopped at the cellar door at Gala Winery, after tasting their lovely wines and having a chat with the lovely sales man, we left with two bottles of Pinot and a change of plan.  We decided we would save Frecynet for the next day as we had some thing new and special planned.

The pretty cute cellar door of Gala Estate

So we settled back in our car seats and headed North to Binnalong bay. Binnalong Bay is one of the southern most points of the bay of fires. Unfortunately the day was grey and overcast so it was not the photographer’s paradise I had hoped it would be but it was still pretty awesome. 

The gorgeous red rocks of Binnalong Bay

More red rocks

Actually we were told the following day that on overcast days the orange on the rocks always stand out better.

As we drove around we came across the turn off to Dora Point. We headed out there for a look. So to the lovely Tasmanian gentleman that I spoke to on the spirit of Tasmania I say thank you most sincerely. Dora point was lovely well and truly worth the short diversion and during the summer months would be the perfect camping spot.

Dora Point

More images from Dora Point

We slowly worked our way back down the coast having a good look at St Helens and Scamander we stopped off for lunch at the picturesque Iron House Brewery.  Almost all the way down the coast you came across views like


And This

At 6pm we joined a group of eager tourists as we boarded a bus to go see the Bicheno Penguins. This was an amazing experience, as we stood in the light drizzle in  the dark we watched these cute little Penguins waddle up the beach by torchlight. The tour guide explained the habits and lifestyle of the penguins, it was really amazing they swim such great distances and generally return to their Rookery most nights. I loved the Penguins attitude to their offspring, once they get sick of them they just go out to sea, stop feeding them and then eventually the offspring get hungry and head out to sea for food. When they return their parents go ohhh no you fend for yourself now……off you go……

Unfortunately there were no camera’s allowed on the tour, however the tour organizers are happy to supply us with images so I will add them here at a later date

Cold and wet so we are off to give our electric blankets a run

Catch you later

The Knights

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