Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tasmania - day 1

 It was an early start this morning. we left Newcastle at 03:39 am and travelled through the dark heading south.

Newcastle to Wangarratta 
over 700 kilometres in just over 8 hours.

the first leg of the journey was driven by the man of the family, we passed through Sydney with no problems at all. . .  .actually it was busier on the freeway

the first stop was Sutton forest just south of Sydney
for a quick breakie at Macca's

after breakfast
it was Mrs T's turn to take over the wheel, for her first drive of the Prado / Bridget combination

travelling as the sun came up

the second stop was just south of Gundagai 
were Marc took back over the wheel

Just after one pm we crossed the NSW / Victorian border

and arrived at Painters Island caravan park, Wangarratta.

setting up for the night took around 15mins. . . . gotta love Bridget

the lovely surrounds of the Painters Island caravan park

one of the historic hotels in Wangarratta

another gorgeous historic building in the heart of Wangarratta

all up we made good time 

and had no issue's with either the car or the van

we had a lovely dinner at the 

"Sydney Hotel", Wangarratta
and i suspect will all be having an early night

until tomorrow

The Knights 

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