Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tasmania - day 12

An early start today, we had to pack Miss Bridget up and be on the road early, we needed to be at Hobart Airport by 11am to pick up Miss M, she had flown from Newcastle to meet us.  The coast road from Bicheno to the Hobart airport was long and winding, but we made it to the airport 40mins prior to the flight arriving.  Let me tell you it is quite a challenging experience trying to find a place where you can park a 4WD and caravan, we ended up at the service station down the road, where we waited until we heard from Miss M that she had arrived then we headed in, the security staff at the airport were extremely friendly and the two minute limit was stretched…….

Bicheno to Port Arthur

After picking up Miss M we headed out to Port Arthur. On the way we stopped at Taranna and went to see Tasmanian devils at the Tasmania devil conservation park.

Immediately after entering the park we rounded a corner and wham there they were 3 of them, they were in their enclosure of course but as they are used to humans feeding them, I guess when they hear human voices they come looking.

 One of the curious little devils

The devils were housed in several other enclosures throughout the park so there was plenty of opportunity to see lots of devils. The enclosure where this little one was housed appeared to be a group of younger Devils

I think this one looks like a teddy bear……he’s pretty cute

Whilst we were there we also had an opportunity to see some Kangaroo’s and wallabies as well. When we were arrived the Roo’s were having a rest time and honestly I think we could have walked up and patted them they were so uninterested in us

Even this one with her joey in her pouch, let us get really close

Before we left we had the opportunity to see the Devil’s being fed and wow was that a show. One of them would get the meat then take off around the enclosure ( which involved tree’s rock area’s and their nest area / burrow) the other two were in close pursuit, they would catch up , one would steal it and the race was on again, it was pretty funny in a way, but to the devils a very serious game…..eventually the largest one got hold of it and he managed to keep the other two at bay for ages……..

They look like they are being social, but the one on the left was telling the one on the right to stay away.

Have you ever heard two cats fighting? That’s what the devil’s sounded like, they get very nasty and one of them took a bit of a bike out of the other.

We really enjoyed our time at the park, but was keen to get to  the caravan park to get Bridget set up so we could relax.

For the next few nights we are staying at the Port Arthur holiday park.  This Park is lovely, it is a very leafy environment and just filled with native wildlife

Bridget set up

A few of our little visitors

the owners were extremely helpful, they loaned us some pillows for Miss M ( we hadn’t packed spares) we had our fire wood delivered to our site. The park facilities were vey clean and tidy so if you are heading down this way, I can definitely recommend this park

off to The Port Arthur Historic site in the morning

catch you later

The Knights

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