Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tasmania day 5

Low head, Georgetown, Tamar Valley, Beaconsfield, Launceston

Today dawned bright and sunny and we headed off a little later as Marc had to spend some time on the phone with our GPS manufacturer to see if we can get her back up and running, unfortunately we had to head off before we could get her going, however when we returned home to Bridget he got her up and running ……so fingers crossed we will be able to give the ipad a rest

Anyway we headed straight to Georgetown, which is advertised as being the oldest town in northern Tasmania.

We headed straight up to a place called Low head to have a look at the Lighthouse and pilot station

(ok it looks like a beautiful sunny day right…… let me tell you the wind was freezing)

the view from the lighthouse

The Pilot station

The pilot station now houses a café, museum and also has accommodation available to rent.

We had a lovely time in the museum, it had heaps of memorabilia and very interesting exhibits relating to piloting boats into the harbor, and the shipwrecks that have occurred in the area. A lot of the exhibits were interactive.

An old diving suit

Some of the old lamps that have been used over the years

After we finished at the museum we headed into Georgetown, where we purchased a coffee and some fresh bread from the bakery, we then headed off to a Lavender farm, unfortunately the Lavender was not in bloom ( I knew this before we left home) but we had a little look around at some of their products.

After the lavender farm we headed off  towards Beaconsfield on the way driving through the Tamar valley we crossed over the Batman bridge

Batman Bridge

The Tamar valley is filled with orchards, winery’s and strawberry farms. It was a really lovely area.

Beaconsfield is a lovely area and the mine museum was really interesting
It had a large area designated to the recent mine disaster, it was amazing to understand just how far below the ground the miners were buried and just what the rescuers went through during the rescue period..

The Beaconsfield mine museum

This truck was suspended from the ceiling.

The museum holds a lot of exhibits not just about mining.

An old miners cottage

After our visit to the museum we had a late lunch in the park nearby.

We headed off our mission was a nearby strawberry farm, unfortunately after travelling for 40mins or so we arrived at the farm only to discover that it was closed, which was extremely disappointing…i understand that we are not here during peak tourist season, but I think that the brochures should advertise that the farms are closed or the houses are opening later during the winter months.

So we headed on back to Launceston and since it was still reasonably early we decided to have a look at a couple of shops. The first stop was the Old Umbrella shop

The old umbrella shop

This gorgeous old shop was built in the 1860’s it houses a wonderful collection of old umbrella’s, the shop also has a collection of new umbrella’s and lot’s of other giftware. 

The antique umbrella’s

We also visited the Waverly wool mills factory outlet, they have the most gorgeous collection of Blankets and throw and knee rugs. They also had a collection of scarves which Mrs T just couldn’t resist.

We wander around some other shops and headed back to the trailer as the skies finally had the first rain clouds we had seen since we arrived .

Another fabulous day exploring Tasmania.  It is an extremely cool night so it’s off to the electric blanket.

See you tomorrow!

The Knights

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