Monday, 10 September 2012

Tasmania -Day 4

 Evandale & Cataract gorge

Our first destination for today was Evandale, a gorgeous little town approximately 15 mins from Launceston. We had been told that each Sunday Evandale hosted a local market.

The market  was wonderful and we spent a bit of time looking at all the bric a brac and goodies for sale.


Evandale itself was a lovely little town, with many lovely period style homes and shops. It was well worth the visit……..


Miss S discovered this "milk bar"

When we entered the store we found this . . . .  .original store shelves absolutely gorgeous !!!!

We headed out to see Clarendon House, a national trust house located 10 -15mins from Evandale. Unfortunately the house was not open, despite the signage out the front of the house and their website saying that it was to open.

one of the gorgeous buildings on the Clarendon house site, i couldn't photograph the house as the gates were locked

After the disappointment of not being able to see Clarendon house
We returned to Launceston to see Cataract Gorge

On arrival at the gorge we caught the chair lift across the gorge, the view was amazing, the river flowing through the gorge was swollen due to recent rain and it was clear to see that some of the paths were submerged.

the gorge suspension bridge

We walked around the gorge crossing the suspension bridge, I think you could definitely spend many hours wandering around the Gorge, and it was obviously a favourite place for locals.

The parkland surrounding the gorge was gorgeous with a combination of  Australian and European plants. 

the lovely rotunda

There were quite a few peacocks wandering around and we were fortunate enough to see this Peacock displaying all his finery.

a very cheeky and showy peacock

the show is over folks, (he looked at us as much as to say ......can you leave now)

After the gorge we headed into town for a late lunch and a visit to Prince’s park.

Prince’s park is lovely and is located in the centre of Launceston. Within the Park was a Monkey enclosure that houses Macaque Monkeys, which were a gift from Japan to the people of Launceston. We spent quite a bit of time watching the Monkeys as they groomed each other and wandered around their enclosure.

The park also has a conservatory, with the most beautiful orchids and flowers

the stunning flowers in the green house

This beautiful structure is the jubilee fountain, a gift to the city to Commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee.

the Red Feather Inn, 

one of the gorgeous buildings in the village of Hadspen where we are staying

we also came across this mile stone located next to the Inn

a mile stone, indicating that Launceston is just 8 miles away

a very full and busy day, but very enjoyable

the Knights

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