Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tasmania day 11

Today was dedicated to exploring Freycinet national park from a different perspective.

We headed straight for the wharf at Coles Bay today, as we had booked a trip on the Wineglass Bay cruise.

The boat that took us on our exploratory adventure

The boat took us on a journey following the coastline of the Freycinet national park, as we travelled along we seen sheer cliffs filled with the red rocks, I thought that the tour organizer was spinning a line when he said that the red rocks always show up more vibrant on overcast days, but look at this

Red Rocks

As we cruised around the coast we were presented with fabulous images constantly


On our trip we had a very special four legged companion, Rastus , Rastus’s job was entertainment officer and he certainly did a great job, keeping everyone on the boat amused no end. His other job was also chief dolphin spotter and he was very diligent in his job unfortunately he was not successful on this day. 


As we travelled along the coast we discovered this fabulous cave, the cave is called a key hole cave because you can see all the way through it…..

The key whole cave

The lazy seals

We were also enchanted to see these guys hanging out on the rocks, they were not particularly active just lazing around but hey they looked pretty cute doing it.

Eventually the boat arrived in Wineglass bay, the bay was stunning with it’s white white sands and for us on this overcast day the water was this lovely clear green - blue, it was stunning. We were offered a lovely light lunch of fresh shucked oysters grown in the local waters, some fabulous Tasmanian cheese, quince paste and crackers and to top it all off had some fabulous local sparkling wine.

Wine glass bay, the southern end

The fabulous crystal clear waters

The cruise was absolutely fabulous, we all had a great day and if you are ever in Freycinet national park this is a fabulous way to see this fabulous national park.

After the cruise we headed straight to the  Freycinet marine farm the suppliers of the oysters on the cruise. We had a stunning lunch of fresh oysters, oysters Kilpatrick, abalone and mussels in a tomato and chilli sauce.


It was a great day, unfortunately after lunch the rain that had been threatening us all day finally closed in and we were unable to see wineglass bay from the lookout. So we headed back to Miss Bridget and started packing up. We have an early start in the morning as we are headed to Port Arthur and we are picking up Miss M on the way through.

Catch you soon

The Knights

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