Sunday, 10 April 2011

The beginning

I started this blog a while ago but have never posted anything. I have now added my partner so that she too can put posts on the blog.

So I have decided its time to start posting.

After spending many years enjoying holidays in resorts we decided that we needed to have more regular affordable holidays. So in 2006 we took the plunge and purchased an off road, "All Terrain" camper.

This camper served us well but in 2009 we decided to buy a Jayco Swan Outback Camper. Three years down the track we have placed an order for a 2012 model Jayco Expanda Outback.

We expect arrival of this caravan in May and this will be the next chapter in our adventures.

So who are we?

Well I am the man of the family and surrounded by females. Their is Mrs T, known from her own blog entitled "Too many eggs in one basket", Miss M the eldest child who rarely travels with us and Miss S who still tags along but probably not for much longer. Last but not least is the stalwart of camping, "Cooper", the lovable Spoodle.

So stay tuned for stories and tales from us.