Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tasmania - day 20

Pennicott’s and Bruny Island

When we were at Port Arthur we were supposed to go on a cruise around the Tasman coastline unfortunately we had to cancel as it was raining that day. Anyway when we were at the Salamanca Markets on Saturday we had a long chat with the salesman for Pennicott’s cruises (they do Tasman coastline as well as Bruny Island) and he assured us that Wednesday was going to be a great day weather wise we were a little skeptical as the weather had been a little ordinary the last few days but and we booked in anyway.  When we woke this morning it was clear and sunny, so we headed off to Kettering, were we could catch the car ferry across to Bruny Island.

The Marina at Kettering

The view looking down the coastline and across to Bruny Island

The penguin Rookery on Bruny Island, and the most gorgeous beach

We were a little shocked at the amount of people that arrived for the cruise, apparently the sales man at Salamanca had been pretty convincing….. they actually took out three boat loads of people for the tour.

The boats we toured on

The tour down the Bruny Island coastline and back took around three hours in total, it was definitely spectacular scenery and the tour guides were extremely friendly and very keen to interact with passengers as they constantly asked us if we were okay and made sure that every person on the boat had a chance to see whatever they showing us, to the point that they would turn the boat around so both sides of the boat could see and everyone had a good chance of taking photo’s.

The monuments see that little gap between the rocks, our boat went through that………

The blowhole, it was pretty cool, the boat actually got up really close so we could hear the air / water being sucked into the Hole

And we seen heaps and heaps of these guys……

More seals

We had a late lunch with Pennicott’s when we returned from the cruise, which was really lovely, then had a little look around bruny Island and then headed back to Hobart. It was time to pack the Trailer up ready to leave early the next day.

Catch you later

The Knights

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