Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tasmania - day 21

I can't believe we have been here for 3 weeks........

From Hobart to Mole Creek

On the road again today heading north. We were supposed to be heading west, the original plan was always to head to Strahan after Hobart, our plan was to do the Gordon river cruise in Strahan.  unfortunately after much studying of the weather it was obvious that on the days we planned to be in Strahan it would be raining. So we headed north than a little west to a place called Mole Creek. So straight back up the heritage highway.  First stop Oatlands, my friend at work Nita had suggested that if we went that way, we should drop into the windmill so we did.

The Windmill

It was fantastic (thanks Nita) we did a tour of the windmill and I was enthralled at the way the windmill worked and how it crushes the grain and sieves it. It was really very interesting. Needless to say we are heading home with some windmill ground flour.  We had morning tea at the windmill, some super yummy Scones, and then wandered down the street.  When we were heading down to Tasmania a lot of people said to me, you have to go to Ross it’s got gorgeous old buildings….ect, and I did really like Ross but….. I loved Oatlands it was gorgeous, almost every building in the mainstreet (and it was a long street) was Georgian, sandstone just gorgeous. Throughout the street there were dry stone walls….and lot’s of lovely little shops that you can have a look in.

Dry stone walls

A lot of the buildings in this street had plaques on them providing information about the building it’s age and history. I would definetly like to come back and spend a few days in Oatlands.

                                                        The main street of Oatland

As we travelled along we passed through Campbell town again, we had a quick stop to give Marc a break as from the time we left Hobart we were driving straight into the wind constantly.

The red bridge

We arrived at Mole creek, mid afternoon.  Mole creek is the loveliest little town. We decided to pop into the local Hotel before going to the caravan park, the locals were so friendly I would have happily stayed and chatted for most of the afternoon.  The caravan park was a cute little camping ground, and we set up next to the little creek.

The paddock behind the caravan park

The creek we camped beside

We had a lovely afternoon beside our campfire.

Catch you later

The Knights

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