Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tasmania - day 6

Launceston airport, Hollybank treetop adventures

We all snuggled in our beds till late this morning, it was to be a relatively quiet day. Marc had to travel back to the mainland ( wow I am sounding like a Tasmanian) for Uni in Melbourne. So we did a load of washing (yep even on holidays the mundane things must be done) and headed out to the airport around 10:30am

Departure gate at Launceston Airport

On the way back to Launceston we came across this bridge

The bridge, note it’s jagged top

After passing back through Launceston we headed north, after about a 40min drive we arrived at Hollybank, Miss S and I enjoyed a picnic lunch in a lovely forest park area

A forest hut

Some daffodils growing wild in forest

Our Hollybank adventure started at 1pm

After a detailed preparation talk we headed out into the forest, all decked out in our harnesses

Me just hanging around

Everyone in our group, check out how high we are off the ground . . . . .  .

If ever you are in the Launceston, and are looking for a tree top adventure I can highly recommend this adventure. we travelled at speeds up to 80kms and hour and travelled on wires 50 metres above the ground.The staff are fantastic, the experience exhilarating all up a  really fantastic adventure.

Day 7

was a quiet girls day, spent wandering the streets of Launceston and doing some retail therapy. No photo's to share.

catch you tomorrow

The Knights

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