Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tasmania day 2 & 3

 We slept in till late on Day two, probably due to the early start on day one.
After a long discussion with the very informative and very friendly owner of the Painters Island caravan park we decided that we would give Glenrowan a miss this time, and catch up on some much needed rest time.

So we departed Wanagarratta at some time after midday

Wangarratta to Port Melboune day one


The drama's commenced immediately with the discovery that for some reason ( as yet we still don't know why). . . . our GPS decided to freeze and lock all maps, making it absolutely useless as we headed towards trying to navigate our way through the middle of Melbourne.

Thank goodness with three iPhones and two iPads in the car we had google maps and managed to negotiate our way through heavy traffic, with only a little stress . . . .  . yep i had to tell marc 3-4 times that we needed to turn left.....

those that know us well will know why we took this shot . . .  . we miss our little boy

our first sight of Melbourne

The spirit of Tasmania or as Miss S dubbed it the spiz tiz

We watched for an hour as they loaded shipping containers on

Miss S was impressed with the bike hire available for just $2:60 a day

Finally we got to drive aboard the Spirit . . . and let me say here that i felt that the whole process was really well done . . .  .

Inside the cargo hold where Bridget and the Prado would spend the next twelve hours

The view of Melbourne from the deck of the Spirit

I would love to say that it was all smooth sailing on the spirit but it wasn't . . . .

Marc being wise had a few beers and crashed out early
myself and Miss S were enjoying the facilities too much and stayed up ......way beyond the time we sailed through the heads and into a sea with  waves of 4-5 metres high

and if you
 (like me) are wondering how high that is
imagine the prado sitting on top of bridget and then some.

Well i won't say how we spent our night but i know i went to sleep feeling the boat crash down and climb back up the next wave, all the time envisioning our trailer and car being smashed up against the hull of the boat.

our path across the Tasman

our first sighting of Devonport


Breakfast was at the Christmas Hills Berry farm, Miss M ( who is not travelling with us) would have loved this french toast filled with chocolate accompanied by home made raspberry jam cream and fresh raspberry's 

fantastic service, definitely would recommend this cafe 5 star rating, great service

The cosy fire we sat beside as we enjoyed our breakie .......

our first view of Launceston

one of the gorgeous heritage buildings in Launceston 

a gorgeous heritage street in Launceston

Trust me there are many more of these shots to come.

Until Tomorrow! 

The knights

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