Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tasmania - day 24 & 25

 Day 24 started bright and sunny and we were surrounded by snow, it was nothing to hear thumps during the night as the snow fell from the tree’s overhead onto our rooftop. It was beautiful but cold.

Our Car

After we had scrapped the snow off the windscreen and packed up Bridget we were back on the road, destination today Strahan

                                                          Cradle Mountian to Strahan

On the road in Cradle Mountain country (after the snow plow had been through)

Looking at the map you would think that this trip would have been a quick trip, but it took us around four hours of serious driving. The roads were winding through mountainous terrain and Marc was tired and a little grumpy by the time we arrived in Strahan.

We did stop off at Queenstown, we had planned to have lunch so Marc could have a decent break but the only shop we found open was the local IGA so we grabbed some drinks and snacks and got back on the road.

The main street of Queenstown looking up at the mountains

Driving into Queenstown, it was interesting to see the denuded landscape
(sorry it is a crappy photo, car was moving at time)

not much else happened today as we all took a well earned rest.

Day 25

Gordon River cruise


Today we decided that we would spend our day found on the World Heritage Cruises boat at just after 9am ready to cruise up the mighty Gordon River and around Macquarie Harbour.  We settled into our comfy seats and the captain took us out in to the harbor our first scenic adventure was a trip through Hell’s gates. Hell’s gates is the narrow channel that vessels entering the Macquarie harbor pass through. In the convict times there was a penal settlement on an island in the middle of the Macquarie harbor called Sarah’s Island. This settlement was were the worst offending, most escape prone convicts would be sent. Since Sarah island was known as hell on earth the convicts dubbed the entry into this harbor Hell’s gates and the name stuck.

Hell’s Gates

After Hells gates we cruised further into the harbor with our next stop at a commercial fishing farm. 

 The Fish Farms

The fish farms are full of Salmon, if you look closely at the photo you can see a boat with a guy “hosing” the farm, this water actually contains the pellets that feed the fish.

The easy way to fish, they scrunch the nets up and use a large fish net scoop to catch the fish.

The next stop was Sarah island.  During the year 1822 – 1833 Sarah Island was the place for “secondary” punishment, the place where the uncontrollable and escape prone convicts would be sent.  Later Port Arthur was established and Sarah Island was closed.  During it’s time Sarah Island was known as a living hell on earth.  Today it is a lovely quiet peaceful place.

Sarah Island

After Sarah Island we headed up the Gordon River

The gorgeous Gordon River.

It really was a lovely day, the river was gorgeous and we had the opportunity to go for a short walk through the rainforest in the Gordon river. It was a really lovely day the staff on the World heritage Cruises were really lovely and very informative.

We are back on the road again in the morning so it was pack up time again.

Catch you later

The Knights

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