Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tasmania - day 23

Miss S here today writing my first blog post so I hope its well enjoyed;

After we all had a lovely  two day at the Mole Creek we took off on our way up to Cradle Mountain and what secret enchantments do the mountains behold?

The view from Mole Creek Caravan Park.

On our way up we were aware that there was snow on top of the mountains but to the extent we were not sure the snow capped mountains were a gorgeous sight we were under the impression that we were staying on the bottom of the mountain and would certainly not be privy to any snow. But as we rose higher and higher up the mountain we started to see our first sights of snow falling there wasn’t really much to begin with and we really did think that that would be it.

Our first sightings of snow in the mountains.

 But it seems that more and more snow just kept flooding at us at every turn of the corner.

The lovely snow just kept increasing and increasing.

We were all quite gob smacked at our arrival it was a snowing wonderland and it seemed that every building car and caravan had quite copious amounts of snow on there roofs, windsheilds, windows, door handle and everthing else that you could possible imagine.

The car after just a few hours.

The Camp kitchen.(where we spent most of the evening by the fire)

After playing in the snow for a few hours I decided to take some photo’s I think their quite lovely just to toot my own horn!

Some Moss

Some Fungi

We caught a shuttle to Dove lake which on a clear day shows clear and fantastic view of Cradle Mountains however we had a more well…. Majestic view we had lovely mist and falling snow to add to the already spectacular scene.

The most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen Cradle Mountain.

Mr M had proclaimed it “the best day of the holidays” although he uses this term lightly it would seem however I couldn’t agree more!

It really was a lovely day tomorrow morning well be heading off to Strahan !


The Knights

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