Thursday, 28 June 2012


The Arrival and First Crusade

Friday 1 June 2012

Well Friday 1 June 2012 was a significant day in our household as "Bridget" came home after a seemingly easy entry into the world.  The day was even more significant as it was 12 years since we lost Mrs T's dad, "Bill".  Bill would have loved to see the new caravan and to crawl all over it working out how everything worked so I was personally delighted that "Bridget" came home on a day that we will always remember.

So it was an early start arrving at Jayco Hexham at 8am to get a hand over from our salesman "Geoff".  Let me say that Geoff has been great to deal with and I would recommend anyone looking to buy Jayco at Newcastle talk to him.

Just like a loving father I welcomed "Bridget" into the family

So with all in order we headed for home with "Bridget" and despite having issues reversing into driveway in the past I had no problems putting "Bridget" in place on this occassion.

So once at home we have started to put our little touches into our home away from home.  We wanted to make sure that "Bridget" is bright and so you can see we have chosen nice bright colours to decorate her with.

So after sitting in the driveway for a few weeks we were very eager to get away for what would be "Bridget's" First Crusade and on the weekend of 22 June 2012 we headed off to Koala Shores Caravan Park at Lemon Tree Passage.

What started off as small gathering during the planning quickly escalated as our camping family, also known as the "Coights" quickly lined up to help us celebrate the "First Crusade"

The Vans all lined up at Koala Shores

So all up 6 families joined us which totalled three caravans, two Jayco Camper Vans, a roof top camper and two families enjoyed the comforts of cabins.

Driking and talking what else do you do when camping?

Plenty to do at Koala Shores.  The big kids having fun

Watch the Prado!

The best thing about Koala Shores is the water and whilst it was too cold to enjoy the water it is always nice to enjoy the sunset vista!

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